Hey Folks! Glad you found my site. I hope to begin to catalog my adventures here. I’ll try and document things I’ve made and stuff I’m involved with. I’m not sure how organized this’ll be, bear with me, rawr!

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  • Seurat Shadow Box

    Sitting in my armchair earlier this month I noticed a little 4”x4” shadowbox on our bookshelf with a multi layered pine tree scene. I thought it was really basic and heck I could do that! But I wanted to make something a little more elaborate. Given that Valentines day was coming I chose my wife’s favorite work of art. I thought she’d either love it or think I was a horrible person for ruining something she loved. I mean, maybe it’s the use of colors that makes the piece for her.

  • Making Rubber Stamps

    So, the idea of making a custom rubber stamp came up the other day.

  • Chainmail bracelet

    I watched a pile of YouTube videos of people making chainmail and methods for making rings. So I took a wooden dowel and drilled a hold thru it about 1 inch from the end. I chucked that end in a drill. I stripped a long piece of scrap house wire and pushed the end into the hole. I grabbed it with a set of welding gloves and started the drill. When the windings reached the end of the dowel, maybe 10-12 inches I stopped. I snipped the part where it turned to go in the hole and I could reverse the drill and back the dowel out of the windings. Then I just went along in a straight line snipping off rings with a wire cutter. Using what seemed like the most basic form of connecting them I completed a bracelet.

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