Sitting in my armchair earlier this month I noticed a little 4”x4” shadowbox on our bookshelf with a multi layered pine tree scene. I thought it was really basic and heck I could do that! But I wanted to make something a little more elaborate. Given that Valentines day was coming I chose my wife’s favorite work of art. I thought she’d either love it or think I was a horrible person for ruining something she loved. I mean, maybe it’s the use of colors that makes the piece for her.

Making the layers

I pulled a copy of the work into Pixelmator and got to work building the layers.

Foreground more people the lawn Background

Setting up lightburn

  1. import the image
  2. outline the image
  3. mask the border
  4. set the outline for cutting
  5. set the image for greyscale

Putting it together


The wife seems to like it. Of course she’s rarely critical of stuff I make so, hard to say.