I watched a pile of YouTube videos of people making chainmail and methods for making rings. So I took a wooden dowel and drilled a hold thru it about 1 inch from the end. I chucked that end in a drill. I stripped a long piece of scrap house wire and pushed the end into the hole. I grabbed it with a set of welding gloves and started the drill. When the windings reached the end of the dowel, maybe 10-12 inches I stopped. I snipped the part where it turned to go in the hole and I could reverse the drill and back the dowel out of the windings. Then I just went along in a straight line snipping off rings with a wire cutter. Using what seemed like the most basic form of connecting them I completed a bracelet.

the bracelet

I suppose if you wanted to make it a but more permenent you should solder all the rings shut and polich the thing. But follow thru isn’t always my thing. I wanted to try the making of the mail. I’m satisfied.