A friend got a new Indian Motorcycle and wants to personalize it. She wanted her rank insignia on the heat shield and a couple of other pieces. From what I’ve seen of people embossing leather I figured I could employ the 3D printer to help. Wetting down the leather and clamping it in the vise with some 3d prints turned out pretty good.

leather embosser

embossed leather

leather embosser

Looking up how one might add color to these beyond leather dyes I discovered there’s an entire world of sneaker painters. Of course there is. If it’s a thing you can do you can find others doing it too on the internet. I started by dying the leather black and got to painting.

first painted patches

the whole set

My friend pulled all the parts off her bike so I could do the sewing at home. Once reassembled she sent me a pic. She’s a photographer, can you tell? :)