I ride year round. I noticed, even through gloves, that the cold seeps into my fingers from the break and clutch levers. It’s noticable as compared the grips as they have rubber covers. I decided this would be the first thing i try and do as i start to learn leatherwork. I’m going to wet form leather around the lever. I needed to know how much leather. So I decided to measure the circumference of the lever at multiple points and transfer that to the leather for cutting.

cut leather

Next I used a leather punch to make the holes for later stitching.

punched leather

These pieces I wet thoroughly and wrapped around the levers. I then wrap the leather with silicone plumbers tape as it’s the only tape I have that is stretchy and not adhesive. once dry the leather holds the shape of the lever extremely well.

formed leather

Leather dye soaks in so fast and so deeply it’s super interesting to watch.

dyed leather

more dyed leather

next I stitch them onto the bike and they looked OK for a first try at leatherwork.

bike lever