The offspring wanted a birthday party at our house. She wanted a unicorn pinata. PartyCity had no such thing. DIY Dad to the rescue!

With a few cardboard boxes, some toilet paper tubes and tissue paper, you too can make your own unicorn pinata.


Then it rained. I got a long painters pole to hold up the pinata. I wasn’t going to be one of those fail videos. I don’t remember protecting the TV though. But it didn’t come to that. Everyone got a good smack at it and no one managed to break it. I may have built it too well. I shook the painters pole and it dropped to the floor. 6-7 formerly sweet and innocent 7 year old girls looked at me confused. I simply said “GIT IT!”. They piled on that thing like a pack of rabid dogs. They tore it limb from limb. There was candy and bits of unicorn carcass everywhere. My wife backed away in horror. She couldn’t believe how quickly they turned.